The Pegasus Group is strongly committed to the communities in which it develops

Areas of Expertise

Transit Oriented Development

The Pegasus Group has deep roots in urban development and the firm’s expertise has yielded an appreciation for, and a focus on the development of mixed-use projects proximate to transit-based infrastructure. Recognizing the importance of transportation, Pegasus has worked exclusively along the path of mass transit networks serving New York City. Whether it was a stand-alone asset or a master planned project, Pegasus’s success in catalyzing the development of new communities began with transit access in underdeveloped neighborhoods.

300 Harrison Station | Parking at Harrison

Master Planning/Community Development

Civically minded, and locally active, the Pegasus Group seeks to build strong neighborhoods through cohesive planning and community involvement. Incorporating walkability, complementary uses, shared amenities and centralized recreation, projects like Harrison Station are the Pegasus prototype for development. Integrating uses and users into a larger master plan results in situation where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

330 Harrison Station | Element by Westin

Value-Added Development/Urban Infill

Urban infill projects present a unique set of challenges and developers are often required to implement innovative solutions vis-a vis unconventional means. For example, Pegasus has responded to these challenges by converting an old factory into apartment lofts, affixing a new ramping system onto an existing warehouse to create a new parking garage, and devising comprehensive environmental remediation strategies to polluted site to enable development.  These value-added opportunities present an arena for Pegasus to showcase its entrepreneurial spirit by rezoning or repositioning assets as a way to optimize  constrained, encumbered or otherwise limited sites.

Grand Adams | Park on Park

Public-Private Partnerships

Pegasus views every development project as a public-private partnership because any project that fails to work with the community simply fails. Pegasus understands the importance of big picture strategies and their impact on long-term value. To that end, Pegasus proactively works with municipalities to create projects that contribute to the larger urban fabric. This approach frequently requires us to address problems not confined to our site. Taking on widespread remediation, infrastructure improvements, community branding, and public parking requirements in partnership with local, county and state agencies is commonplace for Pegasus.

Environmental Remediation

Converting former industrial sites, repositioning old buildings, and working through the difficulties of development in formally industrial New Jersey markets has exposed Pegasus to a plethora of complex remediation challenges. Solving these challenges is critical to the success of our development projects. Decades of navigating issues related to historic fill, PCBs, VOCs, organic solvents, heavy metals, and Brownfield regulations has made Pegasus an expert in environmental remediation.


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